Some Specialty Waxes

Amaryllis bulbs dipped in a specialty blend of wax to seal in all the moisture needed for the bulb to generate amazing blooms in 4 - 8 weeks.

A perfect Christmas gift as is or with some artistic painting to enhance its value.

Encaustic wax is a special microcrystalline wax used for encaustic painting or hot wax painting.

Paul Garbett who has a national reputation for painting wildlife in large format has displays in Algonquin Art Centre and Whistler Contemporary Gallery.


Duck wax is a blend of fully refined paraffin and microcrystalline wax used to defeather water fowl (ducks and geese) and poultry.

Hockey Stick wax

Hockey Stick wax is used to keep your stick clean and ready for the perfect shot! Prevents ice and snow build-up. Our hockey stick wax is a specialty wax blend to give you better puck control. Several products available depending on packaging requirements and application methods.